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Benson GUO
Benson GUO

General Manager, Health business development department/President


Health business development department, Fosun Group/Star-eHealth

Benson Guo has 14 years of experience in the health insurance and health management industry, and is currently the General Manager of Fosun’s Health Business development department, and the President of Fosun’s subsidiary health management company Star-eHealth.

Prior to joining Fosun, Mr.Guo has worked for Cigna-CMB, GBG and AIA. At Cigna-CMB, Mr. Guo was responsible of health insurance sales and client management. At AIA, Mr. Guo worked for the Group Business Department and was respectively based in Shanghai, HongKong, Singapore and China Head Office, and was responsible for group insurance actuarial, product design, experience study, reinsurance agreements and underwriting,and held the role of Chief Underwriting Officer of China group business.

Mr. Guo has been a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (Group and Health Track) since 2009, and is a fellow member of China Association of Actuaries.