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Richard ZHENG
Richard ZHENG

General Manager of Medical Health Management Center&Medical Director


Ping An Health Insurance Company of China, Ltd

Richard Zheng , Medical Director&General Manager of Medical Health Management Center, Ping An Health Insurance Company of China, Ltd.Before joining Ping An, Mr. Zheng a former Beijing fuwai hospital management group deputy general manager, director of ufida group and the Hong Kong citic day holding group vice President, lean operation, commercial insurance in the medical system innovation, the intelligent medical big data platform and business operations and other medical group has rich experience, to participate in a number of national key research project, ping an health insurance are fully responsible for the hospital management evaluation system and health management platform set up. Mr Zheng Xiao graduated from xi 'an jiaotong university school of medicine, medical master and MBA, was named the Shanghai top ten young people, IT innovation and medical health exchanges across the Taiwan straits association standing committee of the international medical and outpatient service professional committee, vice secretary of China assets state-owned industrial strategy and innovation alliance, the Chinese international economic cooperation corporation international technology transfer, senior consultant, etc.