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WU Honggang
WU Honggang

The Second Research Institute of CAAC

Wu Honggang, 42 years old, PhD, Researcher,Assistant Director of the Second Research Institute of CAAC (CASRI), Director of R & D Centre and Director of the Science and Technology Division.

Top-notch Talent of Civil Aviation Science and Technology Innovation,

Reserve Candidate of Academic and Technical Leader of Sichuan Province,

Science and Technology Elite of 'Sichuan Tianfu Ten-Thousand-People Plan'.

He is dedicated to the research and achievement transformation of the key technology of intelligent airport surface operation, with a high level of academic and innovative ability.He is in charge of 7 major national projects of NSFC, '863 Project' and the National Supporting Plan and 9 major provincial and ministerial projects. He is granted with 4 provincial and ministerial levelof scientific and technological awards, 34 patents (14 inventions and 20 utility models), published 63 high-level academic papers (of which 28 are SCI/EI). As the primary researcher, he participated in the development of ADS-B Ground Station, Multilateration (MLAT), A-SMGCS and Panoramic Enhanced Surveillance Systems etc., of which the achievement transformation and industrialization have all been realized and applied to more than 20 airports in China. He has made outstanding contribution to the science and technology innovation of civil aviation.