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Hui Liang
Hui Liang

President of NetSol China


NetSol Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Hui Liang, the President of NetSol China. Prior to joining NETSOL, Mr. Huiwas a principal at ABeam Consulting, a Japanese global consulting firm that specializes in enterprise solutions in a wide variety of industries, where he was instrumental in establishing new technology-oriented service lines to broaden the firm’s reach withinthe Chinesemarket. Also during his tenure at ABeam, Mr. Hui served as a consultant to multi-national and local clients in the financial services, manufacturing and retail industries and advised on IT, operations and strategy. Prior to that, he served as a product expert, focusing on software and services for IBM Japan.

Mr. Hui holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science from Kyoto University in Japan and an MBA from Bond University School of Business in Queensland, Australia.