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Shanghai Transportation Information Center

Since he obtained the PhD degree in ITS from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2009, Dr. Zhang Yang has worked in Shanghai Transportation Information Center in the area of urban traffic informationization. He is director and senior engineer of Research Department, visiting professor of Shanghai University, corporate consultation specialist of Academician Station of Shanghai S&T Commission. Working in planning & design, scientific research, and practice & implementation, he has successfully led and completed several major achievements including Shanghai Expo visitor volume forecasts, Shanghai traffic state index, Shanghai integrated transportation systematic planning, and Shanghai urban traffic big data, etc., which contributed to the development of ITS, policy and measure introduction, and public service in Shanghai. Dr. Zhang has profound accumulation in the aspects of traffic informationization construction, artificial intelligence, analysis of traffic congestion, traffic big data, regional visitor volume monitoring & early warning, and urban risk management & evaluation, etc.