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Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee

Vice President | CEO


Xiamen JMX Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. 

Vincent graduated from National Taiwan University with Master of International Business degree. He started his career in CTBC bank from 2001 and has 17 years experience in consumer credit business and overseas market operations management. He was the Division Head of Product & Marketing Division and Overseas Business Development Division of Cards & Payment Group. He is the Managing Director of Xiamen JMX Consumer Finance Company Co., Ltd.

Working Experiences:

•2018.10-now:Managing Director of Xiamen JMX Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. •2001-2016:CTBC Bank (Taiwan): -2016~2018.09:  Set up “Xiamen JMX Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.” -2012~2015: Cards & Payment business in Taiwan -2008~2012: Consumer Finance business in Asia (Philippine/Indonesian/China) -2001~2009: Mortgage, Personal Loan and Cash card.