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Heather Deehan
Heather Deehan

Chief, Vaccine Center


UNICEF-United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

Heather Deehan is the Chief, Vaccine Centre, UNICEF Supply Division, overseeing the supply and procurement of vaccines on behalf of over 100 countries to increase access for approximately 45% of the world’s children. UNICEF supplies vaccine to support national routine immunization programs, campaigns, outbreak response, and is the procurement agency for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in addition to the lead for supply in support of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Before joining UNICEF, Heather was the Chief, Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the Public Health Agency of Canada, leading a team of epidemiologists in surveillance and outbreak response activities of vaccine preventable diseases in Canada, and surveillance of Acute Flaccid Paralysis, measles and rubella contributing to global strategies to eradicate and eliminate disease. Heather has also worked in pandemic preparedness and response, immunization surveillance activities including automated identification of vaccine products for inventory management at the national level (bar coding), direct service delivery of immunization and other health care services as both a public health nurse and practical nurse in Canada.