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Yarong ZHAO
Yarong ZHAO

Dean of Bio-technology R&D Inst.


Tianjing Ringpu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Prof. Zhao Yarong graduated from China Agricultural University on Doctor' s Degree of Vet. Parasitology in 1993. He engaged in Cryptosporidiosis studying and his program got 1st class award from the Ministry of Agriculture in 1993 on science and technology. From 1993 to 1998, he worked in Bayer, Roche, Fort-Dodge and Schering-Plough as Registration and Technical Manager in China. In 2003, he was appointed as General Manager of Animal Medicine Research Center of Dabeinong Group. Since 2018, he works for Ringpu Bio-technology Co., Ltd. as the dean of Vaccine Institute in disease control, product R&D and technology transfer. He has published 51 academic theses. In 2012, 'PCV2 Vaccine, Inactivated' won the 1st Class State Science & Technology Progress Award. Till 2018 Obtained 9 National New Veterinary Medicine Certificate. Implementation of Technology Transfer income reached over 400 million RMB to 35 companies.