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Junfan SHEN
Junfan SHEN

General Manager of Asset Allocation and Investment Adviser 

Management of Private Banking and Wealth Management Dept.


Ping An Bank

Mr. Shen Junfan joined Ping AnBank in 2013 as the general manager of the Investment Management Department of the private bank and a member of the Asset Allocation Decision Committee of Ping An Bank. He is currently the general manager of the asset allocation strategy of the private drilling Client Department of the retail head office. Responsible for Global Investment Management Platform, global asset allocation model design and implementation, as well as the development of wealth management, stocks, fixed income, commodity markets and Hedge Fund Products Investment Strategy.

Before Joining Ping AnBank, Mr. Shen has been chief investment strategist of Retail Bank of Standard Chartered Bank (China) limited since 2010, and joined Thomson Reuters Group in 2007 as head of China's Interbank Financial Advisory Business

Mr. Shen is a CFA holder who is familiar with the major investment asset classes in the global market and has extensive experience in investment market analysis and strategic research.