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Genor Biopharma Co. Ltd, Walvax Bio Group

Dr. Zhou, Xinhua (Dr. Joe Zhou) is the Present and Chief Scientist of Genor Biopharma. He has been selected as a national expert of the TOP 1000 TALENTS program in China since 2010. Dr. Zhou also is a visiting professor teaching Master Degree Program in International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management (IPEM) at Peking University, China. He is an invited vice-chair of Biopharmaceuticals Committee under China Pharmaceuticals Society, the Founder and first Chair of China Protein Drug Quality Alliance (CPDQA), the Founder and first Chair of Biological Drug Product and Process Committee of China ISPE, and the Founder and first Chair of Amgen Aluminums Association (AAA) in China. Previously, Dr. Zhou was Scientific Director at Amgen for bioprocess development and trouble shooting for bioprocess and bio-manufacturing. He has over 20-years industrial experience of process development, multiple project management capacity in cGMP and non-GMP reproducible purification/production of protein/antibody therapeutics from FIH to CPD with depth knowledge of CHO clone selection, cell culture optimization, viral clearance, real time analytical assays, formulation and product specification for drug substances and drug products.