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Jun LI
Jun LI

CSO and Co-Founder


ZY Therapeutics Inc.

Dr. Jun LI is the CSO and Co-Founder of ZY Therapeutics Inc, a company who dedicates to developing drug delivery technology for novel formulation of water-soluble drugs. Dr. Li is the key inventor for the delivery technologies used in ZY and the technology has won award for NCI, which showed unique biphasic manner drug release profile.

Dr Li has over 15 years of experience working on drug delivery technology in both academic and industry, such as Emory University, UNC Chapel Hill and Nitto Denko Technical. His research field covers anti-cancer drugs like Taxane and oligonucleotides like siRNA & mRNA. He was the reviewer of NIH SBIR grant and invited reviewer of several international journals in the field of drug delivery. His research paper has been published in Journal of Controlled Release as a cover story and he was invited to write review paper on the topic of RNAi therapeutics for cancer therapy.