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Adam (Wenqing) JIN
Adam (Wenqing) JIN

Vice President, Business Development


Jiangsu Atom Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Atom Bioscience)

Adam (Wenqing) Jin has been Vice President of Business Development and Member of Board of Directors for Jiangsu Atom Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Atom Bioscience) since 2015. He is responsible for project collaboration, equity financing activities, and license agreements for Atom Bioscience. He managed to complete financing of Round A and A+. Before joining Atom Bioscience, he had been Project Director and Project Manager at Sterile Technology LLC, responsible for Process development, GMP validation and Operation consulting. The projects he managed had over $120 million investment. He has over 8 years pharmaceutical industry experience. Meanwhile, he is an independent investor for Biotech and Healthcare companies.