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Founder and managing partner


Anlong Fund

The founder and managing partner of the ANLONG fund. Dr. Zhao graduated from Biological Science and Technology department at Tsinghua University. Then, he received his Ph.D of molecular biology at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and master’s degree of business administration at University of Chicago in the United States. Dr. Zhao served as  medical investment adviser at Office of Technology Transfer at University of Pittsburg and senior manager at Pfizer. After returning to China, he founded Beijing LongMed biological technology co., LTD and then became partner of CASH Capital and C-Bridge Capital. Dr. Zhao has over 30 years of industry experience and excellent investment achievements, investing in BerryGenomics, Innovent Biologics, ASLETIS, GKHT Medical Technology and so on. Dr. Zhao is chairman of Tsinghua Alumni Association of School of Life Sciences,School of Medicine and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the standing vice-chairman of Tsinghua Alumni Association for Life Science & Healthcare. Anlong Fund is professional in the field of life sciences and health care, focusing on biotech & pharma, medical devices, life sciences and medical services.