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Zhongdong Sun
Zhongdong Sun

Senior Consultant, BCG;Former President of Chongqing Fumin Bank



Mr. Sun Zhongdong served as the deputy chief engineer of the Bank of China, and participated in the operation of two private banks, serving as deputy governors and presidents respectively. Mr. Sun Middle East is the pioneer of the domestic open bank and has been committed to the digital transformation of banks for many years.

He is currently a reviewer of the People's Bank of China Silver Award and a senior consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Mr. Sun is one of the leaders of the digital transformation of the bank. In April 2018, he joined Chongqing Fumin Bank as the president and took the helm of the digital transformation of the entire bank. Using the open bank play basically solved the two major pain points of the bank: 1. Slow efficiency, 2. Poor experience. In half a year, the net profit of Fumin Bank increased to 400%. Mr. Sun is currently a senior consultant at Boston Consulting, a leading international consulting firm, and a reviewer of the Bank's Banking Technology Development Award.

 Mr. Sun is also a senior bank financial technology expert. In 2005, he served as deputy chief engineer of Bank of China Headquarters for 9 years and deputy general manager of Network Finance Department of Bank of China for 2 years. He participated in the launch of the first banking open platform of China Banking Industry. 'Developed and designed the medium and long-term development plan of the Bank of China's head office Internet Bank and the big data construction plan of the Bank of China.'

Mr. Sun has published books

'Internet + Bank Deep Combat' (2016),

'Internet + Bank Deep Combat 2.0' (2017),

'Imagining the Future Banking Model - Digital Path and Multiple Empowerments' (2019).

Once obtained

In 2017, 'The Mode of Building a Smart Bank under the Internet + Era' won the first prize of the Science and Technology Development of the People's Bank of China.

In 2016, it was awarded the title of the first “Leading Gold Talent” in Shanghai.

In 2014, “The Research on Big Data System under the Development of Internet Finance” won the first prize of the research project of China Banking Regulatory Commission.