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HUANG Jianhui
HUANG Jianhui

Dean of the Institute



Huang Jianhui is the President of the China Minsheng Bank Researching Institute and the former vice President of China Development Bank Research institute. Deputy director of the Chief Economist Committee of the Asian financial cooperation association. Deputy director of industry development researching committee of China banking association. All China Industry & Commerce Federation membership of Think Tank Committee. Deputy secretary general of China new supply economics BBS. Director of China society of economic Restructuring. Inviting expert for CCTV financial review. Economic analyst specialist for Xinhua News Agency. Tutor of economics, Peking University. Visiting professor of business school of China university of political science and law. Zhejiang Normal University African Research Institute. Consultant professor of Beijing University of chemical technology. Thinking tank member of Securities Daily, and membership of Academic Committee of Economic Observer.


The leading research results have been approved by the national leaders for many times. He have been valued and praised by the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the general finance office, the state research office, the National Development & Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Commerce, The People's Bank of China, The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other institutions. He is the chief editor of several books including Principles of economics in China's 40 years of reform and opening up, Key to China: improving economic competitiveness, and Strategic research on building an open economy. One of the chief editors and book manuscripts of Strategy and path: towards 2049 China, Towards 2049 Gansu, Strategic thinking of extraordinary development. Towards 2049 Jilin project coordinator. Deputy editor of New supply, Chinese innovation in economic theory.


Supply side in recent years, successively put forward the New troika ,the reform and opening up, innovation, creation, ecology, of the people's livelihood, defines the relationship between government and market relationship such as Four points or Four three points as the core of innovation ideas, the introduction of Tian system in the situation of agricultural modernization, and service in infrastructure development company plan, build efficient Financing drip irrigation systems to crack difficult financing for private firms financing your business model innovation theory and practice. His research achievements have been awarded more than 50 awards by CBRC, banking association and other institutions, among which he won the grand prize in 2018 and 2019.In September 2019, the research institute of China Minsheng bank was awarded the first Moganshan Zhongqing outstanding research team award. He has been interviewed by Xinhua net, CCTV, Sina, Sohu and NetEase for many times, and published hundreds of articles and reports in Caijing and other newspapers.