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Baoping WANG
Baoping WANG



Beijing Shenogen Pharma Group Ltd. 

Dr. Wang is currently Chief Operating Office of Beijing Shenogen Pharma Group Ltd. And previously the President of Novo Nordisk Research Center China, the first R&D center set up by a global pharmaceutical company in China. 

Baoping received a BS degree in Applied Chemistry from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1982, and a PhD in Genetics from University of Minnesota in 1990. He did his postdoc research at Harvard Medical School where he then served sequentially as an Instructor and Assistant Professor. His research area focused on molecular and cellular immunology.

Baoping joined industry when he returned China in 1998 to head a health care group in Novo Nordisk China R&D center. In 2001, Novo Nordisk established a new R&D center based on the health care group, Baoping was the head of the center since its founding. From April 2007, Baoping also served as a Vice President of Novo Nordisk R&D, and from January 2011 through July 2018, as President of Novo Nordisk Research Center China. He has joined Beijing Shenogen Pharma Group Ltd. as Chief Operating Office from August 2018.