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 CHANG Cheng-Chiou
CHANG Cheng-Chiou

Committee Member


Light Rail System, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, New Taipei City Government

With over 30-year experiences in the area of rail transportation, He has established a reputation as a life learner and a great communicator with solid problem-solving skills. During his career, with the focus in the fields of engineering and management, he has demonstrated his knowledgeable performances in the following approaches,

                ü   Project and Management Leadership.

ü   Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Electrical &Mechanical (E&M) System Integration.

 (Including E&M / Civil, E&M / Track Work Interface Management & Integration)

ü   MRT Trial Run & Revenue Service Simulation

ü   Preparation work for MRT Operations.

ü   Establishment of Rail Revenue Service.

ü   Business Case Development.

ü   Project Evaluation.

ü   Financial Strategy.

ü   Change Management and Conflict Resolution.

ü   Enterprise’s Diagnoses.

ü   Speeches in International Conferences.