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Liang Yuen Ming
Liang Yuen Ming

Director futur IT system


SMRT Trains Ltd 

Yuen Ming is the Head Future Systems (Capability Development) of SMRT.

He is leading the Capability Development efforts to develop future system capabilities required to support high levels of rail reliability through the digitalization of rail operations and maintenance.

Yuen Ming was previously from ST Kinetics. He was involved in building up the commercial robotics business, which he led the Merger & Acquisition team to fully acquire a US Robotics firm and successfully transferred the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology and patents to Singapore and initiated the sale of AMR to the APAC region.

Yuen Ming had also served the Singapore Armed Forces for 27 years, assuming key positions such as Brigade Commander and as principle staff heading the Army Systems branch and the Army Training Area Development Office for Australia. Some of the key milestones are namely, developed the 3rd Generation Army transformation weapon systems, and established joint agreement with Australia to gain greater training area access and jointly developed training facilities there.

Yuen Ming graduated from Cranfield and University of Western Australia with a Masters in Defence Technology and MBA respectively, with competency in Embedded Systems. He is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional with the Institution of Engineers Singapore, and is a qualified trainer in Organisational Learning.