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 Jin LI
Jin LI

President and CEO


HitGen Ltd

Dr Li holds 28 years biopharmaceutical experience (at Protherics and AstraZeneca), with senior scientific and leadership roles in early stage research; as well as experience in initiating and leading major collaboration, research and outsourcing programmes. Before founding HitGen, he held Global Director positions of Compound Sciences and Computational Sciences at AstraZeneca. This included responsibility for computational chemistry, computational biology and compound collection enhancement. Dr Li completed his BSc at Sichuan University, and PhD in macromolecular sciences at Aston University. He then completed post-doctoral research in theoretical biochemistry at Manchester University, UK. Dr Li is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Guest Professor of Sichuan University and the Expert with Outstanding Contribution to Sichuan Province. He and his team have gained lots of rewards from different levels.