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Thomas Alan Blackadar
Thomas Alan Blackadar

Managing Director/Member


Binocular Vision (Shanghai ) Co.,Ltd / Pistoia Alliance 

Tom Blackadar was one of the leaders of the cheminformatics market leader MDL Information Systems starting from 1985.  He began working in the Product Development organization, with involvement in ISIS, MACCS-II, REACCS, CPSS, Chemscape, Chime Pro, and Cheshire.  He later moved into a leadership role within MDL’s Product Management organization, where he led the design and business development for MDL Isentris and other core technology products.  Prior to joining MDL, he received his degree from Princeton University.


In 2007, Tom moved to Asia as head of Symyx Technologies' Tokyo sales and services office and served as Director of Asian Business Development. 


In 2011, Tom moved to Shanghai and started Binocular Vision, the leading expert pharma informatics consultancy in China.  Since then, Tom and his team have built a strong reputation for bringing global-standard informatics services to the growing Chinese pharma R&D market.  Tom founded and organized the Shanghai Informatics Leadership Community, an informal group of local industry leaders.  In 2012, Binocular Vision became the first Chinese member of the Pistoia Alliance and remains active in building the organization’s presence in Asia.