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CAO Chunxiao
CAO Chunxiao

Chairman of the Degree Evaluation Committee


China Aerospace Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute

Materials scientist, one of the founders of Chinese titanium alloy research and application. He is currently a researcher, Ph.D. tutor, chairman of the degree evaluation committee of China Aerospace Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, member of the Science and Technology Committee of the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau and the expert advisory group leader of large aircraft materials development, member of the National Large Aircraft Special Specialist Expert Advisory Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the China Aviation Science and Technology Commission, and member of the China Commercial Large Aircraft Expert Advisory Group. In 1997, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2001, he won the Air China National Gold Award (the highest award in the aviation industry system). In 2013, he won the Aerospace Laurel Award for Lifelong Dedication Award. In 2016, he won the China Titanium Technology Lifetime Achievement Award.