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SHI Jianzhong
SHI Jianzhong

Managing Director of Experts Group, Former Deputy General Manager | Director-General


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd | SSA

Mr. Shi is currently Managing Director of Experts Group of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd and was previously the Deputy General Manager. In February 1982, Mr. Shi joined No. 650 Research Institute of Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, serving successively as Technician, Group Leader, Deputy Director and Director of Research Office and Deputy Head and Head of the Institute. His technical titles were successively Assistant Engineer, Engineer and Senior Engineer (Researcher level). He worked at McDonnell- Douglas Corporation from April 1989 to April 1991. in December 2000, and Member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of the AVIC II in November 2001; and during this period, he also served as Administrative General Director of six aircraft models including Z8 and Z9 Helicopter programs, and L15 Advanced Trainer. He served as Assistant to Governor and Member of the Government’s Party Leadership Group of Guizhou Province from July 2007 to March 2008.