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GUAN Dongyuan
GUAN Dongyuan

Senior Vice President, President of China



Guan Dongyuan, with more than 22 years of executive experience, Guan is a dynamic leader with deep knowledge in the aerospace and mining industries, as well as a proven track record of successfully leading Brazilian corporations to develop the Chinese market.

In 2000, Guan was appointed the first Country President of Embraer in China, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft of up to 150 seats. In this role, Guan leads all management and business activities across Greater China, fully responsible for both building and implementing Embraer’s strategy and management. He leads commercial and executive aircraft sales campaigns, as well as after sales services and support. Guan was instrumental in establishing the successful joint ventures Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. (HEAI) in 2003, which enabled the groundbreaking production of Embraer commercial aircrafts in China locally. In June 2012, Embraer and AVIC extended the partnership in HEAI to build Embraer’s Legacy600/650 executive jets. China and Brazil’s heads of state attended the signing ceremony, a milestone in the aviation industry of both countries: it was the first joint venture assembly project in large business jet in China. The business model of HEAI opened a new chapter in Sino-foreign industrial cooperation in the history of China’s civil aviation. It was referred to by both countries’ leaders as “a model of South-South Cooperation”. With his forward-looking vision, clear strategy and continuous efforts in pursuing market penetration in the regional airline market over the past 18 years, Guan has led Embraer China to take a market share of around 80% in the category of up to 150 seats in China. In China’s flourishing executive aviation market, Guan and Embraer China is a well-known market force.

Prior to Embraer, Guan worked at Vale Brazil from 1994 where he held several positions before serving as Chief Representative in China for five years since 1996. He was the youngest senior executive in the history of Vale, leading the company to establish operations in China in its early stage and explore and develop the market, laying a solid foundation for Vale’s success in China today.

Guan Dongyuan has been presented with several awards, including:

· Civil Aviation, Person of the Year- Aviation Weekly Magazine, Business Edition, in 2004;

· Top 10 Industry Achievers of Asia-Pacific 2006- Aviation Business Asia Pacific Magazine, in January 2007;

· China Top 10 Economic Talents 2006- Organization of Study for National Condition, in June 2007;

· Entrepreneurial Talents Top 10 2007- China’s Annual Talents 100 Committee, in February 2008;

· Leadership Excellence Award – the 9th Chinese Aerospace Laureate Awards, Air Media Group & Aviation Week, in September 2013.

Guan obtained his Master’s Degrees in Shipping Engineering & Business Administration from Sao Paulo University and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), respectively. He has also completed a global CEO senior training course jointly organized by CEIBS, Harvard Business School, Spanish IESE Business School and Switzerland IMD Business School, as well the Tsinghua PBCSF CEO Program. Guan speaks fluent Mandarin, Portuguese and English.