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YAN Shaojiu
YAN Shaojiu

Researcher and Ph.D. Supervisor | Vice President


AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials | Beijing Institute of Graphene Technology

Dr. YAN is Researcher and Ph.D. Supervisor of AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, and the Deputy President of Beijing Institute of Graphene Technology. He has been engaged in the research of low cost and high quality graphene material preparation, development and application of Graphene energy storage materials, graphene reinforced metal-based nanocomposites, magnetic nanomaterials and graphene information materials. He published 30 relevant SCI theses in internationally renowned journals, and had more than 300 times other citations. He has applied for and authorized 2 international invention patents, more than 50 national invention patents and 8 national defense patents. He has won more than 10 awards such as “Aviation Reporting National Gold Award”, “China Aviation Industry Technology Star” and “China Aviation Industry Young and Middle-aged Technology Innovation Pioneer Talent Award”.