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    With field research of markets and industries which is analyzed from a global strategic perspective by our professional teams, as well as hot topics which interest leadership and management, Shine Consultant provides you with one-stop platform of dialogue, practice -sharing and social network!
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    Committed to provide keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisory for global enterprises and institutions, each service provides a deeper and more interactive experience, especially for small, selected audiences and key individuals. We have the resources of the most influential business leaders and experts, who are the most outstanding representatives in their fields. Our team consists of experienced speech and event managers, and we focus on building long-term and in-depth partnerships.
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    As world-class insight network, we connects clients-decision makers with vetted subject matter experts-advisors. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.We have over 600,000 Shine Advisors in 20 industries, which continues to grow every day.
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    Committed to be the world's most professional provider of industrial Summit & Event. We provide one-stop professional services, including investigating and planning, on-demand inviting, marketing and promoting, operating, project management, live& digital conference, each service is performed by an experienced professional team matched with long-term industrial resources. We focus on establishing long-term and in-depth partnerships.
Guest Information

Managing Director 


Family Office

Mr. Wang has rich professional experience in offshore trust, insurance, investment insurance, derivative finance, taxation, offshore finance and securities business. And have a practice license in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States and other places. 

Before joining in the family office, Wang worked for Bank of America and served as vice president of corporate finance. Prior to that, he served successively as head of Financial Planning and Training Department of China Trust Commercial Bank, Director of Global Private Bank of Royal Bank of Canada, head of sales and training for north China region of HSBC (China) Bank, director of Private Bank Sarasin, general manager of the Center for Wealth Management and spokesperson for the CreditEase. He is also a lecturer in private banking and wealth management at a number of banks. He is also a guest lecturer at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, as well as an RFP (certified financial planner) in the US and lecturers at various wealth management companies. Wang holds a master's degree in MBA from Oklahoma City University and a bachelor's degree from Mass Communication.