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Sr. Director/Asia Emerging Science Lead (China),Emerging Science & Innovation-Scouting and Partnering



Dr. Feng Bian is a Senior Director and China Emerging Science Lead in Pfizer Emerging Science & Innovation (ES&I) of Pfizer Worldwide Research, Development & Medical. She is based in Shanghai and responsible for cultivating strong and in-depth scientific relationships with Asia Academic and Life Science Communities with a primary focus on China and nearby regions to access emerging sciences including novel targets, promising preclinical assets, and breakthrough technologies.

Prior to ES&I, Dr. Bian was a senior investigator in China Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research and group head of liver pharmacology since 2014 in Shanghai. At Novartis, she was a project leader and managed liver disease pharmacology platform to deliver data packages for worldwide drug discovery projects. Before Novartis, she was a key scientist participated in setting up JnJ China research labs in 2012, and Associate Director of Biology to manage CROs and academic collaborations as well as internal R&D programs. Dr. Bian began her R&D career in Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert in US as an in vivo pharmacologist in the Neuroscience Division, and later became a principle scientist in Pfizer’s Neurodegeneration and Psychotherapeutics Unit, contributing to programs like Lyrica®, discovery programs for Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar depression and dermal fibrosis. Dr. Bian has 20 years of expertise in small molecule and biologics drug discovery and her work has enabled several NMEs to reach first in human. Dr. Bian received her Doctorate degree in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University and her Bachelor of Science degree from Nankai University at Tianjin, China.