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 Liana NI
Liana NI

 Senior Partner


 TF Capital

Dr. Ni Lin, Senior Partner of TF Capital, has more than 20 years of industry experience in the life sciences field; such as new drug research scientist, multinational company manager and venture capitalist.

Prior to joining TF Capital, she was the Managing Director of SDIC (Stated Development and Investment Corporation) and 6 Dimensions Capital. She was also the director of WuXi AppTec’s corporate investment department managing corporate strategic M&A and venture capital funds. She has led and participated in more than 20 investments in the life sciences and medical fields in China and in the United States, of which nearly half have been exited.

Prior to becoming a VC, she was , responsible for Pfizer's R&D cooperation and expansion in Japan as a member of Pfizer's business development department, and supporting Pfizer's animal health division's product launch, cooperation, strategic investment and M&A in the Asia Pacific region. Dr. Ni started her career at Bayer’s drug development center in Kyoto. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from East China Normal University, and a master's and doctorate degree in pharmacology from Osaka University in Japan.