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 VP, Business Development and Alliances



Mr. Chen Bing is currently VP of AstraZeneca China, Head of Alliances and Business Development. As a member of China Senior Management Team, he reports directly to Michael Lai, General Manager of AstraZeneca China.

Bing joined AstraZeneca China in May 2013 and subsequently held various roles including Marketing Director, Regional Sales Director (Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces) of GRA BU, and Executive Marketing Director of RIA BU where he led the formulation of the China Respiratory Market Acceleration and Shaping Plan, and contributed substantially in the subsequent execution phase across sales and marketing roles, turning respiratory TA into the AstraZeneca China growth engine. In July 2017, he was appointed VP of AstraZeneca China, Head of Alliances and Business Development. In the current role, Bing has led several China-market specific first-timer deals enriching local portfolios and strengthening AZ leadership in respiratory and CV, including a traditional Chinese medicine. Besides leading business development, Bing has also been leading a few China strategic initiatives, including AZ-CICC $1bn investment fund, Oxford Vaccine China supply, and iHospital.

Bing possesses a wealth of multinational and cross-sector experience. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, he served at McKinsey & Company for almost seven years, as Associate Principal, Greater China, specializing in strategic consulting for healthcare and other related industries, the scope of his work spanning the entire healthcare value chain. Prior to joining McKinsey, he lived in North America for over 10 years where his focus was on IT- and Internet-related start-ups.

Bing holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.