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Lianshan ZHANG
Lianshan ZHANG

President of Global R&D


Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Dr. Lianshan Zhang holds the position of Senior Vice President and Global R&D President of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine. Hengrui is widely recognized as the domestic leader in pharmaceutical R&D innovation in China. In 2010, Dr. Zhang joined Hengrui and takes the responsibility for R&D strategy and management of dozens of NMEs across the globe. Prior to Hengrui, he was a senior research executive at Marcadia Biotech. From 1998 to 2008, Dr. Zhang was engaged in the discovery and development of peptide/protein therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes and obesity and successfully delivered multiple clinical candidates.  

Dr. Lianshan Zhang obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry from China Pharmaceutical University and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Tubingen. He conducted his post-doctoral research at University of Tubingen and Vanderbilt University.