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Aimin HUI
Aimin HUI

Executive President of Fosun Pharma


Fosun Pharma

Dr. Aimin Hui is the Executive President of Fosun Pharma, President of Global R&D, and Chief Medical Officer. He is currently the Director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stem Cell Therapy and the Deputy Director of the Oncology Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association. He was the Vice President of Global Clinical R&D of Sanofi and the Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee of the 5th China Academic Oncology Conference. He has led the global development, registration and marketing of several small molecule and biologic anti-cancer drugs such as Izaxomib and Isatuximab. He has led the development and registration of several innovative drugs such as Ixazomib and Avatrombopag in China. He has published more than 80 papers in New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Medicine, Lancet, Cell Cancer, etc. Recently, he led the collaboration between Fosun and BioNTech on the development and registration of mRNA vaccines in Greater China (already marketed in Hong Kong and Macau).