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  • Summit & Event :
    With field research of markets and industries which is analyzed from a global strategic perspective by our professional teams, as well as hot topics which interest leadership and management, Shine Consultant provides you with one-stop platform of dialogue, practice -sharing and social network!
  • Shine Speaker Bureau:
    Committed to provide keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisory for global enterprises and institutions, each service provides a deeper and more interactive experience, especially for small, selected audiences and key individuals. We have the resources of the most influential business leaders and experts, who are the most outstanding representatives in their fields. Our team consists of experienced speech and event managers, and we focus on building long-term and in-depth partnerships.
  • Shine Advisor:
    As world-class insight network, we connects clients-decision makers with vetted subject matter experts-advisors. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.We have over 600,000 Shine Advisors in 20 industries, which continues to grow every day.
  • Shine Event Service:
    Committed to be the world's most professional provider of industrial Summit & Event. We provide one-stop professional services, including investigating and planning, on-demand inviting, marketing and promoting, operating, project management, live& digital conference, each service is performed by an experienced professional team matched with long-term industrial resources. We focus on establishing long-term and in-depth partnerships.
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杨建新  医学博士, 分子遗传学博士 基石药业 首席执行官,执行董事 

国家特聘专家,北京市特聘专家,江苏省双创人才,国家科技部重大专项评审专家, 国家药监局 ICH-E8 指导原则咨询专家,CSCO 临床研究专委会委员,中国抗癌协 会 ACTS 委员,中国医药创新促进会医药数字化及创新疗法专委会委员; 

临床医学专家、科学家,拥有海外大型跨国药企、科研院所等机构逾 25 年的学术 科研及生物制药研发的资深经验,涵盖从药物发现, 转化医学到临床开发阶段。发 表文章/会议报告 50 余篇,拥有专利 9 项; 

现任基石药业首席执行官以及执行董事,全面负责基石各项业务发展以及策略制定; 六年时间里带领基石药业成功上市四款创新药,分别为泰吉华®(阿伐替尼),普 吉华®(普拉替尼),择捷美®(舒格利单抗),拓舒沃®(艾伏尼布); 

曾任百济神州高级副总裁及临床开发负责人;组建百济神州临床团队,并领导 4 个 肿瘤药物从一期到关键试验阶段的临床开发工作,包括已获批上市的中国首个自主 研发的抗 PD-1 替雷利珠单抗,BTK 抑制剂泽布替尼和 PARP 抑制剂帕米帕利;

曾任美国科文斯肿瘤医学总监;曾任辉瑞肿瘤生物标记物资深首席科学家;曾任 Tularik/Amgen 公司研究科学家; 领导超过十个肿瘤项目的研究与开发; 

拥有美国德州西南医学院博士学位,师从诺贝尔奖获得者 Mike Brown 博士和 Joseph Goldstein 博士;哈佛大学博士后,师从 Stuart Schreiber 博士;此前在南 京医科大学和湖北医学院咸宁分院取得医学学位。