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2018 - 12 - 26
HLT Insurance is a leading insurance technology company powered by big data science and artificial intelligence. After exploration with essential technologies on medical and health data for years, we have established world class medical data recognition and processing module, over 3000 AI models and knowledge graph covering different medical specialties, and AI driven health insurance smart operation protocol, which significantly improves clients efficiency and achieves client-centered health insurance R&D. We believe “Smart tech empowers insurance to bring healthy life”, so we continuously focus on exploring values of healthcare data, transforming the insurance industry to be smart.  We have delivered comprehensive artificial intelligent and big data solutions to top insurance companies in China. HLT insurance leads the way to assist government as well as Insurance Groups on developing an intelligent healthcare ecosystem, ultimately promotes healthcare equality and benefits residents with safer, better and more accessible health protection.
2018 - 11 - 21
Outdo Clinic has established the whole industry chain service model of health management, including health detection and assessment, health monitoring and guidance, health intervention and maintenance. It has launched molecular medicine-based health management products and services, such as gene detection, rare disease screening and disease ultra-early screen, so as to truly achieve scientific, professional and personalized health management. It helps to realize early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and contribute to the Chinese Dream of Health.