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    With field research of markets and industries which is analyzed from a global strategic perspective by our professional teams, as well as hot topics which interest leadership and management, Shine Consultant provides you with one-stop platform of dialogue, practice -sharing and social network!
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    Committed to provide keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisory for global enterprises and institutions, each service provides a deeper and more interactive experience, especially for small, selected audiences and key individuals. We have the resources of the most influential business leaders and experts, who are the most outstanding representatives in their fields. Our team consists of experienced speech and event managers, and we focus on building long-term and in-depth partnerships.
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    As world-class insight network, we connects clients-decision makers with vetted subject matter experts-advisors. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.We have over 600,000 Shine Advisors in 20 industries, which continues to grow every day.
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    Committed to be the world's most professional provider of industrial Summit & Event. We provide one-stop professional services, including investigating and planning, on-demand inviting, marketing and promoting, operating, project management, live& digital conference, each service is performed by an experienced professional team matched with long-term industrial resources. We focus on establishing long-term and in-depth partnerships.
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2017 - 04 - 18
用友(集团)简介  用友(集团)成立于1988年,是亚太地区领先的企业管理软件、企业互联网服务和企业金融服务提供商,是中国最大的ERP、CRM、人力资源管理、商业分析、内审、小微企业管理软件和财政、汽车、烟草等行业应用解决方案提供商。用友iUAP平台是中国大型企业和组织应用最广泛的企业互联网开放平台,畅捷通平台是支持千万级小微企业的公有云服务。用友在金融、医疗卫生、电信、能源等行业应用以及数字营销、企业社交与协同、企业通信、企业支付、P2P、培训教育、管理咨询等服务领域快速发展。基于移动互联网、云计算、大数据、社交等先进互联网技术,用友通过企业应用软件、企业互联网服务、互联网金融,服务中国和全球企业及组织的互联网化。截至2014年,中国及亚太地区超过220万家企业与公共组织通过使用用友企业应用软件、企业互联网服务、互联网金融服务,实现精细管理、敏捷经营、商业创新。其中,中国500强企业超过60%是用友的客户。用友(集团)连续多年被评定为国家“规划布局内重点软件企业”,“用友ERP管理软件”系“中国名牌产品”,“用友”系中国驰名商标,用友拥有系统集成一级资质,获中国绿色公司百强。 2001年5月,用友在上海证券交易所A股上市( 2015年1月30日,股票简称由“用友软件”变更为“用友网络”;股票代码:600588);2014年6月,用友旗下畅捷通信息技术股份有限公司在香港H股主板上市(股票简称:畅捷通;股票代码:01588); 2015年10月,公司旗下的新道科技股份有限公司在新三板上市(股票简称:新道科技;股票代码:833694) 用友的使命是用信息技术推动商业和社会进步,经营宗旨是做客户信赖的长期合作伙伴,发展目标是构筑企业互联网生态圈,成为全球领先的企业(及公共组织)管理服务与金融服务提供商。
2017 - 04 - 18
Shenzhen Y&D electronic information co.,ltd.(Shenzhen Y&D) is committed to safety engineering, advanced computing and mobile communication technology development,is deeply rooted in the field of rail transportation, and is the support unit of National Engineering Laboratory for the Safety Technology of Urban Mass Transit System, the construction unit of Safety Evaluation Center for industrial control system of rail transit, and the Standing director unit of China Cyberspace Security Association. According to the characteristics of urban rail transit in China, such as dense passenger flow, high degree of network, and great hidden danger to public safety, based on "software defined" and "data driven" information technology, Shenzhen Y&D is committed to exploring the reconstruction security system in the urban rail transit network space, fully support the "manufacturing country" strategy implementation.
2017 - 04 - 18
Vion Technologies Inc. founded in 2005 and located in Zhongguancun Science Park, is a hi-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and specializing in the research and development of core algorithms and products of artificial intelligence. With our founder known as an expert in the computer vision and AI field, a strong R&D team composed of doctors and masters from institutions including Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and top international partners, VionTech has developed a series of core algorithms of image recognition, high performance AI hardware platforms and industry-customized intelligent solutions independently.