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2020 - 12 - 31
2020 - 12 - 30
BestCEM.com, is a one-stop Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform created by Zhongyan Technology, with more than 10 years of professional research technologies / experiences / data accumulation, we help all kinds of companies to carry out customer satisfaction survey and NPS monitoring of multi-contacts in all sorts of scenarios and channels throughout the customer journey.We facilitates the fast collection of internal and external customer experience data, combined with companies’ own business characteristics, to build a customer experience insight platform. Leveraging the built-in AI and BI capabilities, it empowers the refinement and real time data visualization of customers’ comments. When a negative feedback come, it will timely trigger a warning and allocate the issue to the responsible person to follow-up, which creates an efficient and effective Customer Experience Management close-loop.Relying on comprehensive online and offline research execution capabilities and leading cloud platforms, big data and AI technology, BestCEM has provided thousands of companies with 'more accurate, efficient and effective' customer satisfaction survey, NPS monitoring, Customer Experience Management and a variety of professional research services, to enhance their brand loyalty, differentiate their brand and increase their competitiveness.