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Conference Sponsor
2018 - 02 - 02
White Clarke Group’s Consulting Director, Shim Mannan, was speaking at this conference and revealed why 2018 is a transformational year for auto finance. His presentation covered topics such as Vehicle Subscription Services, Evolving Car Sharing Models and Mobility as a Service, which are all key themes of the annual Global Automotive Finance Technology Report and Video, launched in April 2018. To download your free copy, visit https://www.whiteclarkegroup.com/reports/global-tech-report-2018  White Clarke Group is a global leader in software solutions and consultancy to the automotive finance sector – Retail, Fleet, Wholesale. It is a worldwide organization employing around 500 professionals, with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, India, and China. The company’s CALMS end-to-end platform provides a flexible workflow approach that automates the entire business process from origination through contract to portfolio management. Our strong automotive track record includes: BMW Financial Services, GM Financial, Daimer Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services, Volkswagen Financial Services, Volvo Finance, FCA (Fiat Group) and LeasePlan.Let’s keep in touch: Shim Mannan (shim.mannan@na.whiteclarkegroup.com)
2018 - 05 - 08
Cloopen Group Holding Limited (Hereinafter referred to as Cloopen for short), founded in 2009, is now the largest enterprise communication cloud service provider in China.Cloopen, powered by Internet, uses cloud-computing technologies to provide communication platform service (Platform as a Service-PaaS), communication software service (Software as a Service-SaaS), new industrial communication solutions and AI + Communication service to corporate customers, to elevate the sales efficiency and optimize customer service experience across enterprises and also propel China’s enterprise communication industry to realize Internet-enabled business, cloud computing, capacity enhancement, integration and intelligence-driven development.In 2013, Cloopen won the A round of capital financing of four million US dollars from Sequoia Capital China.In January, Cloop won the B round capital financing of 15 million US dollars from from Trustbridge Partners.In July 2016, Cloopen completed the C round of capital financing, led by Sequoia Capital China and co-invested by Trustbridge Partners and many investment entities including new international strategic investors. This has become the largest single investment in the realm of enterprise communication in China till now, and also the largest C round of capital financing in PaaS and SaaS till now.The fast development and accumulation over the past years have enabled Cloopen to gather more than 150 thousand corporate customers and over 300 thousand developers on its platform. At present, over 80% of the Internet 500 companies in China use Cloopen communication service. Meanwhile, Cloopen is now empowering a swelling number of large government bodies and enterprises to soar into the cloud. The customers that Cloopen serve include but not limited to State Grid, China Mobile Online, Haier Group, Bank of China, CMS, CRRC Corporation Limited, Ping An Insurance, Tencent, JD, Baidu, 360, Xiaomi, Toutiao, Guazi, SF Express, etc., with a deep penetration into and wide coverage of finance, carriers, automobiles, E-commerce, O2O, online education, Internet medicare, gaming, logistics and many other sectors.
2018 - 05 - 03
Shanghai Shi Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the brand "TianYi-TECH", is one of the first companies that engaged in auto GPS location services field.Currently,TianYi-TECH has become one of the three major auto GPS operators after nearly eight years of development. And providing a scientific risk control service system to automotive finance industry based on the GPS hardware, LBS platform, insurance and loan data services business.TianYi-TECH is also specified as an auto financial risk control service providers by a number of auto finance companies, banks and finance leasing companies because of the rich industry experience in the auto financial data economic construction, post-loan risk controlling, GPS vehicle location services and other fields.