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(End)China Internet Insurance Forum 2017

China Internet Insurance Forum

May 10th-11th, 2017

Beijing, China

Great momentum of Internet Insurance resulting in uneven development of insurance agency and the third party network platform. The characteristics of short cycle and fragmentation of insurance products result in business innovation off the track. Moreover, only the freight insurance achieves a large-scale sales at present. The actual premium scale of Internet is still difficult to compare with the traditional insurance channels. The current Internet insurance forum will be focus on how to design Internet insurance supervision deeply and perfectly, how to standardize and legalize Internet insurance, how to improve the service quality and efficiency and how to meet the financing needs.

Conference Overview

With the development of Internet and the enhancement of national insurance awareness, Internet insurance has been developing rapidly. During the "12th Five-Year" period, the scale of China insurance market ranked third from sixth in the world. The premiums of Internet insurance grew by about 69 times. The proportion of the total insurance premium rose from 0.2% to 9.2%. “2016 China Internet Insurance Industry Development Report” showed that the premium income of China's Internet insurance reached 22.396 billion yuan, an increase of 160%. Only in the first half of 2016, Internet insurance income reached 143.11 billion yuan.

A series of policies make the development of Internet insurance boom. " New National Ten" encourage insurance products and services to innovate and clearly put forward to support the insurance company actively using of networks, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other new technologies to promote the innovation of insurance sales channels and service model. " The 13th Five-Year Outline for the Development of China 's Insurance Industry " issued by China Insurance Regulatory Commission also proposed to actively implement the "Internet plus" action to encourage innovation of the Internet business model, sales channels, products, services and other areas and to promote the healthy development of Internet insurance.“ Interim Measures on Internet Insurance Supervision” provides the basis for the standardization of Internet insurance. “Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Insurance Intermediary Market” issued by China Insurance Regulatory Commission introduces the independent agent system, which creates a new spring to the third platform.

(End)China Internet Insurance Forum 2017
Conference Organizer / Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Kevin Sun
    Kevin Sun Sale Vice President Tongdun Technology Co., Ltd
  • Qiuyu Zhang
    Qiuyu Zhang Senior Vice President XiangCloud Company
  • Xue,Jiecheng
    Xue,Jiecheng Internet finance management officer PICC P&C
    JAMES PEI  Vice President (Proposed) Pearl River Life Insurance Company
  • Geoffrey Cao
    Geoffrey Cao Managing Director Managing Director of China Captive Website
  • Yuanjin FANG
    Yuanjin FANG Vice President & CMO Tk.cn Insurance CO., Ltd.
  • Xuan YANG
    Xuan YANG Founding Partner Warp Speed Capital.
  • Sophia Niu
    Sophia Niu Manager, E-Commerce Dept. MINGYA Insurance Brokers co., LTD
  • Yan ZHAO
    Yan ZHAO Director of President Office GUOHUALIFE INSURANCE Co., LTD.
  • Yang YAN
    Yang YAN Deputy secretary-general Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance.
  • Feifei Dai
    Feifei Dai Director of Insurance Industry. AliYun Computing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Wang Guoyan
    Wang Guoyan General Manager, Strategic Development Department China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation.
  • Peijiang Zhu
    Peijiang Zhu Secretary-General & Vice President Zhongguancun block chain industry League & wif...
  • Matej Michalko
    Matej Michalko Co-Founder, Chairman DECENT
  • Frank Desvignes
    Frank Desvignes Founder & CEO of AXA Lab Asia AXA
  • Fengzhan Tian
    Fengzhan Tian Vice GM and in Big Data Technology Center Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation
  • Zhong Cheng
    Zhong Cheng President Answern Property & Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd.
  • Liliang Lang
    Liliang Lang general manager of operation center Unionlife Insurance Company, Ltd.,

(End)China Internet Insurance Forum 2017 

  • XiangCloud Company
  • Tongdun Technology
  • Yidaoboshi
  • T&I Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Crown Records Management
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