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Global Pharmaceutical Trade Innovation 2017

With the faster pace of globalization, pharmaceutical industry becomes saturated and more competitively with the slower increase of sales, many pharmaceutical enterprises hardly improve competitiveness by only investment in R&D.

Meanwhile, the adjustment of governmental policies such as two-invoice system, cancellation of the approval of 3PLs and building the platform of drug traceability have a great influence on drug circulation. In addition, the change of market needs as well as development of internet and big data also brings opportunities and changes to the pharmaceutical industry. Influenced by the revolution of pharmaceutical circulation system of China, some third party logistics and foreign pharmaceutical commercial companies planned to enter China market.

Conference Overview

Global Pharmaceutical Trade Innovation 2017 will be held on June 6th-7th, 2017 in Shanghai, China. It will serve as an international platform for domestic and foreign government officers, industry associations, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical distributors, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical electric business, medical organizations, third party logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, cold chain logistics and solution providers etc. – President/Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics to explore the latest policies and regulations in China’s pharmaceutical circulation and distributions, internet plus and the reconstruction of pharmaceutical logistics value chain, 3PLs and the development of pharmaceutical trade and other hot topics and to find the best solution provider and business partner.

Hot Topics

- China’s Pharmaceutical Circulation Policy

- M&A and Investment Opportunity of Pharmaceutical Trade

- Trend and Regulation of Pharmaceutical Trade

- Strategy Transformation and Operation Innovation

- Smart Supply Chain and Integration of Upstream and Downstream

- Internet Plus and Reconstruction of Pharmaceutical Logistics Value Chain

- 3PLs and Cooperation with Pharmaceutical Industry

Who Should Attend:

- Government Official

- Industry Association

- Pharmaceutical Companies

- Pharmaceutical Distributors

- Pharmacies

- Pharmaceutical Electric Business

- Medical Organizations

- 3PLs

- Pharmaceutical Logistics - Cold Chain Logistics

- Information/Software Service

- Consultant

By Positions :

- President/Vice President

- General Manager/Deputy General Manager

- Managing Director/ Executive Director


- Chief Operating Officer/ Operating Director

- Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Director

- Supply China/Procurement/Logistics Director

- Business Development Director

- Head of Pharmaceutical Industrial Association


Global Pharmaceutical Trade Innovation 2017
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Global Pharmaceutical Trade Innovation 2017

Shine Consultant
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Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  •  Mr. Rongfu Gan
    Mr. Rongfu Gan Senior Industry Researcher SINOPHARM GROUP CO.LTD
  •  Mr. Guo Shuting
    Mr. Guo Shuting ​Department Chief,Department of Distribution Shanghai Food and DrugAdministration
  •  Mr.Liu Wei
    Mr.Liu Wei Market Supervision Department Chief Shanghai Municipal Commission ofCommerce
  • Mr.Ren Gang
    Mr.Ren Gang Vice General Manager Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  •  Mr.Bai Yu
    Mr.Bai Yu Chairman Home Health Management Group
  • Mr.Xia Yu
    Mr.Xia Yu CEO Tak Kai Medical Technology Co Ltd
  • Mr.Xin Minghui
    Mr.Xin Minghui ​Vice General Manager Jawa Soft
  • Mr.WangLan
    Mr.WangLan ​Vice president of Technology Candler China
  • Arthur Sheng
    Arthur Sheng ​Vice president Hisun Pfizer Inc
  • Mr.Zhou Debiao
    Mr.Zhou Debiao Associate Partner / Healthcare & Life Science Clus IBM
  • Steve Rota
    Steve Rota Head, Supply Chain Management MSD China
  • 孙丽巍
    孙丽巍 Distribution & Service Sr. Manager SANOFI赛诺菲
  • Leslie Chang
    Leslie Chang Head of Communications & Government Affairs GSK
  • Paolo Rampichini
    Paolo Rampichini Head Supply Chain APAC Head Supply Chain APAC
  • 袁现明
    袁现明 公司创始人 华润河南医药有限公司
  • Heather Zenk
    Heather Zenk Vice President Global Secure Supply Chain at AmerisourceBergen Co...
  • René Jenny
    René Jenny President European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP...

Global Pharmaceutical Trade Innovation 2017 

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  • VebaBox
  • 海尔生物医疗
  • 北京致远互联软件股份有限公司
  • 天津佳琦汽车制冷设备有限公司
  • 北京时空智友科技有限公司
  • 易舜冷链
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    • 全球医药商业创新大会

      Day One AM 09:10-12:00

      Interpretation of Policy and Trends in Pharmaceutical

      Day One PM 14:00-17:15

      Strategic Change of Pharmaceutical Trade

      Day Two AM 09:00-12:00

      "Internet Plus" and Innovation in Service and Operation

      Day Two PM 14:00-17:00

      Cross-Border and Win-Win: Technology and Competitiveness

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