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Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018

Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018

May. 24th-25th, 2018

Shanghai - China

the Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018 will be held in Shanghai from January 10th to 11th, 2018, themed on Technology Leads Banking Integration and Innovation. This Two-Day strategic conference, designed to share digital, lightweight, intelligent strategic experience, explore the application of cutting-edge technology, the construction of intelligent light bank, the practice of omni-channel operation of banking to stimulate the digital customer experience, will serve as an exchange platform for industry experts and decision-makers from domestic and foreign government agencies, industry associations, retail banking and leading financial technology companies.

Conference Overview

Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018

Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018

Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Retail Banking Leaders Forum 2018

Shine Consultant (Formerly the Shine Media) is a progressive business media, serving clients from around the world. We offer a comprehensive product mix, ranging from summits, business to business conferences, and trade shows to made-on-demand specialty seminars. By bringing business communities together, in person, in print or online, we help decision-makers to get ahead of the curve on emerging issues, make key connections, and reach out to new customers. As for financial industry, by far we have presented the following events series with influential partners: 9 of Payment China Summit, 2 of Asia Family Wealth Management,9 of Private Banking Asia, 3 of Asia Trade Finance Summit, 3 of Global Asset Management China, etc. 

Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • World Savings Retail Banking Institute
  • John Qu
    John Qu Senior Partner McKinsey
  • Chenhui Wang
    Chenhui Wang Senior Vice President DBS Bank
  • Jianming Jiang
    Jianming Jiang GM of Internet banking Bank of Jiangsu
  • Liang Zong
    Liang Zong Lead researcher Bank Of China
  • HuiHui Li
    HuiHui Li President of Global Business Management China HengFeng Bank
  • Diederik Bruggink
    Diederik Bruggink Head of payment World Savings and Retail Banking Institute
  • Shihui Zheng
    Shihui Zheng Deputy GM of Data Center Bank of Communications
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