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CredEx Fintech
日期: 2018-03-21

CredEx Fintech, an integral technological solution provider of mobile credit, has been focusing on inclusive credit for eight years. Based on innovative application of cutting-edge technology and business size of dozens of billions, CredEx is the first in the industry to offer the integral mobile credit technology with a full coverage of business procedures and operating system, which empowers the transformation and upgrading of mobile credit in banks and other financial institutions.

Since its establishment, the company has led multiple technological innovations in the credit industry. In 2010, the company independently developed the credit workshop system, which improved business efficiency for more than five times and gradually reduced human risks such as moral risks and operational risks; in 2013, the company developed its mobile APP, placing its business procedures online and breaking time and spatial barriers; in 2015, the company was the first worldwide to launch a mobile credit product capable of lending and repayment at any time and any place, reducing the whole business procedure to as short as a few minutes for all online users, which has won multiple national patents and innovative awards from the government; in 2017, the company launched its integral mobile credit technology based on dozens of billions of credit asset and featuring quick application and overall empowerment. The integral technology covers three major platforms—the Supercomputing mobile technology platform, the Skynet quantified risk control platform, and Insight smart big data platform, as well as six main services—mobile credit product services, brand and marketing services, settlement and clearing services, risk control and operational services, smart client operation services, and operational decision-making and analysis services, which enables our partner financial institutions to realize scale development of mobile credit business under controllable risks and extremely low trial-and-error costs.

As the only Chinese fintech case selected by Wharton School, CredEx Fintech is a national high-tech enterprise and corporate “technology center” in Shenzhen. It was selected as the “Top 100 Outstanding Cases in China” in both 2016 and 2017, and won professional awards of many authoritative institutions. The company also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion to jointly promote innovative practices in the field.

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