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China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

        At present, the contribution of consumption to economic growth has steadily increased, which becoming the main force to support the rapid growth of the national economy. The National Financial Work Conference clearly put forward three tasks of serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks and deepening the financial reform. Consumer finance has been given a new mission as an important point for promoting the real economy.

        China's modern consumer financial market is becoming mature after experiencing more than three decades, the research report shows that by the end of 2016, China's consumer loan balance is estimated at 5.4 trillion yuan, while the average annual growth of consumer finance reached 16.4%, which is far higher than the overall credit scale of the average annual growth rate of 9.1%. In the period of traditional credit growth slowdown, consumer finance has sprung up, China's consumer finance industry presents a rapid development trend, and facing a broad developing prospects.

Conference Overview

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018
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China Consumer Finance Developing Forum 2018

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Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • WU Xuchuan
    WU Xuchuan Director Research Institute of Finance and Banking PBC
Cooperative Media
    • Agenda--CF

      17th, January, 2018

      Theme1: New Development and Trends of Consumer Finance

      Theme2: Innovation with Technology

      18th, January, 2018

      Theme3: Competing with Risk Control

      Theme4: Investing and Financing Innovation and Information Security

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