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Chengdu ruineng technology co. LTD
日期: 2020-01-14

Chengdu ruineng technology co., LTD was registered in chengdushuangliu district on June 30, 2009. The business scope of the company includes the development of avionics, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, etc. The company has obtained > (AS9100C quality system certification), > (gjb9100b-2009 quality system certification), > (three-level confidentiality qualification) and > (high-tech enterprise certification). As a professional supplier of civil aviation maintenance and testing equipment in China, ruineng technology takes the lead in exporting civil aviation testing equipment to developed countries. RuiNeng Technology Co., Ltd. can not only provide customers with solutions for various aircraft systems, such as power system, hydraulic system, landing gear system, power system, electromechanical control system, environmental control system and avionics system, but also provide customers with solutions for components.

Rui Neng Technology has rich R&D and engineering experience in the field of airborne products: Ruien Technology's core team participated in the development of a certain type of helicopter automatic power distribution system through technology outsourcing. The system was first authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority and installed on the aircraft.

RuiNeng Technology company's entertainment system hanging display power supply module and other products have obtained airworthiness license, and has been applied to Boeing and Airbus aircraft of many airlines. In the future, these products will also be used in China's large aircraft projects.

RuiNeng Technology has established a highly educated, experienced and innovative R&D team and engineering team. Meanwhile RuiNeng Technology has already obtained a number of aviation-related patented technologies.

Ruineng technology has a perfect quality assurance system, production management system and after-sales service guarantee system, we hope to serve our customers wholeheartedly.

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