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(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit

The 11th Annual Payment China 2017

May 25th & 26th


This summit will gather the top companies from fintech and payment industry to face opportunities and challenges. The conference will talk about artificial intelligence and payment, supply chain and B2B payment, block chain technology and cross-border payments, VR pay, Io T payment, mobile identity authentication, fraud prediction and machine learning.


Conference Overview

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit

Event Organizer

Shine Consultant
Shine Consultant (Formerly the Shine Media) is a progressive business media, serving clients from around the world. We offer a comprehensive product mix, ranging from summits, business to business conferences, and trade shows to made-on-demand specialty seminars. By bringing business communities together, in person, in print or online, we help decision-makers to get ahead of the curve on emerging issues, make key connections, and reach out to new customers. As for financial industry, by far we have presented the following events series with influential partners: 9 of Payment China Summit, 2 of Asia Family Wealth Management,9 of Private Banking Asia, 3 of Asia Trade Finance Summit, 3 of Global Asset Management China, etc.
Website: http://www.shine-consultant.com/

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Shanghai Pudong International Financial Institute
  • Entrepreneur Club of Internet Financial of China (ECIF)
  • Nicholas Liao Vice President YJPay
  • Dennis Liu Staff Marketing Manager Qualcomm
  • Wang Yu Chief Researcher of Artificial Intelligence China UnionPay Electronic Payment Research Institu...
  • Jerry Gan Founder, chairman and CEO SHENZHEN VALUELINK CORPORATION
  • Ella Qiang Director of partnerships Stellar Development Foundation.
  • Alisdair Faulkner CHIEF PRODUCTS OFFICER ThreatMetrix
  • Marwan Forzley Co-Founder & CEO Align Commerce
  • ZHOU Kunping General Manager of Develop and Research Dept Bank of Communications
  • James Chang Partner China Financial Services Consulting Leader PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Zhihong Lu general manager Hangzhou Public Transport Group Co.,Ltd
  • YANG Wenyi Secretary General/Technical Director Internet Finance Authentication Alliance/Ant Finan...
  • Dennis Chang Division President, China Mastercard
  • SHEN Zixi Director Tencent Qkey Project
  • Prajit Nanu Co-founder InstaRem
  • Li Chenpeng Branding Directer China Payment & Clearing Network Co., Ltd
  • Yue Zhang Partner and Managing Director BCG Global

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit 

  • Beijing Haike Rongtong Payment Service Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing UGTech Co.,Ltd.
  • Okey co., Ltd.
  • China Payment & Clearing Network Co., Ltd.
  • Qualcomm
  • Shenzhen iapppay Co.Ltd.
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    • Payment China

      May 25th, 2017

      Fintech’s Innovation, Regulation and Its Impact on Payment


      Payment Innovation under the Led of Technology

      May 26th, 2017


      Risk Analysis and Response under "New Era Finance"


      Overseas Payments Business Development and Cross-border Payments’ Technical Innovation

Travel & Stay

(End)The 11th Annual Payment China Summit