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(End)ASEAN Payment

2018 ASEAN Payment

Date:    September 12th-13th

Venue: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

ASEAN Region including 11 countries such as Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia. The population is about 620 million; the population take the third place around the world, account for 8.5% of the global population. However, 80% of this population do not have bank account, and only 2% of people use credit card. There is great potential for digital payment development. Considering this, ASEAN PAYMENT SUMMIT would be held on September 12-13th in Malaysia. This summit will fouces on payment situation for ASEAN market, discuss about development bottleneck&Future prospective. competition & coopertaion. We would devote it to promoting the digital payment upgrading and promote the good cooperation and the development for the different sides in ASEAN countries

Conference Overview

ASEAN Payment

ASEAN Payment

ASEAN PaymentASEAN Payment

Event Organizer

ASEAN Payment

Shine Media was established in 2005, formerly known as the Global Leaders Institute. The company is committed to providing business leaders with communication platform and strategic decision-making information, is the  leading international business summit planning and operators in the world. Scholarship Consulting organizes more than 40 international business summits each year, brings together the key issues that strategic managers are concerned about and the numerous elites in the business and research community. It has become an indispensable platform for global business leaders to communicate with each other.

(End)ASEAN Payment
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • ZHANG Zhenghua Founder and CEO UNPay
  • Kelly YUAN GM, Greater China and South East Asia of Credorax
  • Antonio DeLorenzo co-founder and CEO Funder Exchange
  • Ben Shenglin Dean, Academy of Internet Finance Zhejiang University
  • Upasana Taku Co-founder Mobikwik
  • Joel Neoh Founder Fave
  • Yuksel Gormez Senior Economist Central Bank of Turkey

ASEAN Payment

  • Credorax Bank
  • Inspiry Technology Co., Ltd
  • UNPay
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    As the first vertical We Media founded in September 2014, Zhifuquan now is serving for more than 100,000 industry elites, covering Financial Industry Regulatory Authorities, Bankcard Associations, The Third-Party Payment Enterprises and Internet Financial Enterprises etc. Till now, the person-time that has enjoyed service from Zhifuquan platform has exceeded 150,00,000. Zhifuquan’s achievement has attracted universal attention and recognition in third-party payment industry, and also contributes to Zhifuquan as the No.1 vertical We media platform in this industry.
    发布时间: 2018 - 06 - 08
    Interfax Group is a leading provider of critical information on Russia, China and emerging markets of Eurasia, serving the diverse needs of investors, corporations, financial professionals and the media. Interfax provides about 100 specialized information services, supplying weekly and daily intelligence reports with industry analysis, business information, real-time news, market data and ratings and credit reports. The leader in the CIS, the Interfax Group has a global operational network, with over 1000 staff daily turning out over 3000 stories from over 70 bureaus worldwide. We've covered Banking & finance, oil & gas, energy, power, mining & metals, food & agriculture, pharmaceutical & health sciences, telecoms media technology (TMT), Insurance, in addition to ma...
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    The Paypers (thepaypers.com) is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment and ecommerce community. Our readership consists of merchants, banks, payment services providers, processors, acquirers, financial institutions and technology vendors. We have a special focus on all major trends and developments in: payment solutions & services, digital payments, digital commerce, b2b payments, payments infrastructure, fraud & risk management, regtech, digital identity, regulation & compliance, banking & fintech, and mergers & acquisitions.https://www.thepaypers.com/
    Smart Insights
    发布时间: 2018 - 06 - 01
    art Insights, by Intelling: a blog about the Secure Transactions industry.  Smart Insights covers the smart card and secure transactions industry, its businesses, its technologies, its markets as well as its technology suppliers. Smart Insights covers all the major trends in the industry, it encompasses worldwide business, standardization bodies ...  Smart Insights is brought to you by Intelling, the secure transactions industry expert. Intelling proposes services in communication, strategy, marketing and market intelligence, with a strong focus on all markets relating to the secure transactions industry. More information at www.smartinsights.net and www.intelling.com
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