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(End)Bio Partnering APAC 2017

Bio Partnering APAC 2017




Address: 3 floor conference banquet hall, Hongkou three to Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai

The luncheon address: 3 floor grand ballroom, Hongkou three to Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai

Hongkou three to Sheraton Hotel

Bio Partnering APAC 2017

Address: 59 Siping Road, Shanghai

Hongkou District: +86 2126010088

Conference Overview

Bio Partnering APAC 2017 is the most powerful way to make big deals in bio pharma industry in Asia Pacific Region. Against the background of increasing government policy support, exciting biotechnology breakthroughs and growing venture capitalinvestment, themed on “Open Innovation, Strategic Cooperation”, Bio Partnering APAC 2017 will continuously provide you with the latest knowledge, tools andexpertise to set your own global business strategy.


This two-day event will arrange 8+ insightful panel discussions for you to learn global partnering trends and how to make deals in global pharma industry. The 180-min biotech showcase will make it possible for you to find potential projects and partners with less time. And the self-arranged schedule during the event will enable you to have more flexible time for one-on-one meetings.

Bio Partnering APAC 2017

Bio Partnering APAC 2017



Event Organizer

 Shine Consultant International was founded in 2005, known as Global Leaders Institute before. As a leading international business summit producer and operator, it is committed to providing a communication platform and strategic industry information for business giants.Shine Consultant International organizes over 40 international business summits each year,bringing together the key issues of concern to strategic managers and many political and business elites. It has become an indispensable platform for global business leaders.Based on its superior social resources.

(End)Bio Partnering APAC 2017
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • 美国华人生物医药协会
  • 美中药协
  • 台湾生物产业发展协会
  • BIO Deutschland (Biotechnology-Industry-Organisation Deutschland e. V.)
  • 新药创始人俱乐部
  • 苏比亚
  • ​Yuanwei Chen President Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Wubin Pan, Ph.D. Co-founder and President Connect Biopharmaceuticals, Ltd.
  • Yanshan Huang General Manager DOER Biologics
  • NICK ZHANG, PhD Board Chairman and CEO QIAGEN (Suzhou) Translational Medicine Co. Ltd.
  • Vladimír Hrůša CEO SOTIO Medical Research Co.,Ltd. in China
  • Jonathan Zhao Jonathan Zhao Lilly Asia Venture Fund
  • Li Jian General Manager Tianjin Jianmin harmony Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
  • Xichen Lin Director, Head of External Innovation Novo Nordisk
  • Zheng (Jim) WANG, PhD Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board MITRO Biotech. Co., Ltd.
  • Frank Su Partner Share Capita
  • Donghui Qin Director of Innovation, APAC Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Hongwu Niu Managing partner Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group Co., Ltd
  • Jessica Liu Vice President,Head of International Business Tigermed
  • Michael Chen Head of External Innovation China Merck KGaA
  • Jijun Yuan Vice President Shanghai Genechem Co., Ltd
  • Daotian Fu, PhD Vice President Livzon Pharmaceutical Group
  • Henry H. Sun Vice President Tasly Holding Group Co. Ltd., Tianjin, China
  • Rong Chen Chief Medical Officer Phagelux
  • Mingde Xia PhD, Senior Director,Johnson & Johnson Innovation SAPA-Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals As...
  • Wang xuegang CEO BioClub
  • Dr. Tse Wen Chang founder and CEO Immunwork, Inc
  • Dianna Qian partner FountainVest
  • Dan Zhang Executive Chairman of FMD Fountain Medical (TIANJIN) Co., Ltd.
  • Bin Li Director Ally Bridge LB Healthcare Fund
  • Wenzhi Tian Chairman & CEO ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
  • Joe Zhou Board member and Chief Scientific Officer. HRYZ BIOTECH CO
  • David (Dongliang) Ge CEO & President Apostle Inc
  • Scott S. Liu, Ph.D. President and CEO, Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co. Ltd., China
  • Wen Luo CEO Denovo Biopharma
  • Blake Salisbur Vice President, Business Development Innovent Biologics, Inc.
  • Werner Lubitz CEO / CSO BIRD-C GmbH & Co KG
  • Mr.Zhu Xun Chairman and expert Tongxieyi, New Drug Elite Club
  • Dr. Shou-Bai Chao Senior Vice President CBA -The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA
  • John Niu, Ph.D President SUBIA-Sino-US Biomedical Investment Association
  • WANG PENG Vice President of Yabao, President of the Institut NDFC- New Drug Founders' Club/ Yabao Pharmaceu...

Bio Partnering APAC 2017 

Cooperative Media
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 14
    BioPartner is an independent, government-accredited trade organisation, promoting international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with UK Life Science companies. BioPartner's delegations promote the UK presence at major international biopharma conferences, and companies are assisted with access to government grants and heavily discounted entry fees. Through the BioPartnership Programme, members receive extra benefits and support to effectively trade overseas.   http://www.biopartner.co.uk/
    Iito Life Science
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 31
    [iito] Business Intelligence is a German business information services provider, focused on the European life sciences and the world-wide mass spectrometry industry and targeting leaders and decision makers in these industries. [iito] Business Intelligence provides five free business web portals at: http://www.Mass-Spec-Capital.com http://www.Life-Sciences-Europe.com http://www.Life-Sciences-Germany.com http://www.Life-Sciences-France.com http://www.Life-Sciences-UK.com and a complementary Twitter channel at @iitoLifeScience.
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    mAbs(www.tandfonline.com/KMAB) is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to the art and science of antibody research and development. The journal has a strong scientific and medical focus, but also strives to serve a broader readership. The articles are thus of interest to scientists, clinical researchers, and physicians, as well as the wider mAb community, including our readers involved in technology transfer, legal issues, investment, strategic planning and the regulation of therapeutics.mAbs publishes relevant and timely original research, as well as authoritative overviews, commentary and perspectives providing context for the work presented in mAbs and for key results published elsewhere. Original research papers may cover all topics important in the antibody field, including stu...
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    环球医药网,是杭州恒业网络信息有限公司自主开发的医药行业B2B电子商务平台,是全球领先的医药行业主流网络媒体。 环球医药网,连续六年进入中国电子商务100强。    环球医药网,为医药产业链提供颇有价值的商业信息、贸易撮合、品牌展示、企业招商、产品代理、合作转让、人才招聘、融资并购、行业资讯、等多元化服务。是医药企业网络营销的重要平台。    环球医药网,有中文英文两个版本,拥有强大的数据库,专业客户访问量巨大,多年来与云南白药、哈药、三精、修正、广药、康恩贝,等众多著名医药企业建立了长期合作关系,在业界具有很高的声誉和广泛的影响力。http://www.qgyyzs.net/company/manage.htm
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    药源网-提供医药招商、医药代理、医药原料、药品使用说明及其生产厂家等医药信息服务,由北京三人众信信息技术有限公司运营和管理。药源网突破传统的医药招商网站模式,将信息查询与医药招商有机的结合到一起,在用户查阅相关药品信息时,能直接得到相关药品的招商信息,做到用户广告精准投放,您的广告就是用户需要的。示例:国家及各省市医保目录 新农合用药目录药源网根据产品特点将招商板块划分为厂家直招区、新药特药区、独家品种区、保健品区等板块,可让代理商在最短的时间内找到所需产品。药源网除了通过丰富的内容及实用的功能吸引用户访问外,还通过搜索引擎、展会宣传、户外广告、展会会刊等多种形式宣传推广网站。http://www.yaopinnet.com/
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    Pharma Focus Asia
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    Pharma Focus Asia is a bi-annual magazine from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd.Pharma Focus Asia covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Pharma industry across Asia and rest of the world. It is the leading Pharma title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    PharmaVOICE magazine, reaching more than 41,000 BPA-qualified life-sciences executives, is the forum that allows business leaders to engage in a candid dialogue on the challenges and trends impacting the industry. PharmaVOICE provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary in a multiple-perspective format through forums, topics, and articles covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE subscribers are also kept abreast of the latest trends and information through additional media resources, including WebLinx Interactive WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, White Papers, E-Surveys and e-Alerts. Additionally, PharmaVOICEMarketplace.com provides a comprehensive directory of products, services, and solutions for the life-sciences industry.To Raise Your V...
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    Interfax Group is a leading provider of critical information on Russia, China and emerging markets of Eurasia, serving the diverse needs of investors, corporations, financial professionals and the media. Interfax provides about 100 specialized information services, supplying weekly and daily intelligence reports with industry analysis, business information, real-time news, market data and ratings and credit reports. The leader in the CIS, the Interfax Group has a global operational network, with over 1000 staff daily turning out over 3000 stories from over 70 bureaus worldwidehttp://www.interfax.com/.
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    GBI是一家聚焦医疗保健行业的信息、应用软件和服务提供商。利用源自整个医疗保健价值链的数据,GBI 创建了在线和手机系统,使个人和机构做出更好地决策,更有效地交流。
    发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 01
    GEEKHEAL is an original in-depth medium, and high-end think tank specialized in innovative medicine, sustainably focusing on the latest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the changes in healthcare service. It provides the most valuable in-depth innovative medicine information for the large clinicians, entrepreneurs of medical technology and medical-policy makers.At present, GEEKHEAL has over 150,000 high-quality customers in medical industry. Its content platforms and channels contain GEEKHEAL Wechat account, GEEKHEAL website, various third-party information platforms, video distribution channel and 80+ media partnership channel. Its rich content product line includes original in-depth report, original book & report, original video and innovative conference and database p...
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    《中国生物制品学杂志》为报道我国生物制品研究开发重大成果和国内外最新进展的生物制品专业学术期刊,由国家卫生和计划生育委员会主管,中华预防医学会和中国医药集团总公司长春生物制品研究所有限责任公司主办,月刊。1、本刊主要刊载生物制品和生物技术产品相关领域,如预防医学、免疫学、微生物学、生物化学、流行病学、临床医学等方面的研究、生产、使用和质控等学术文章。在选择来稿时注重学术性、前沿性和实用性。优先报道基金项目及各种基金赞助课题的文章,并适当照顾边远地区和基层单位。2、本刊设有基础研究、预防制品、治疗制品、诊断制品、实验技术与方法、临床观察、研究简报、综述、述评、会议快讯、消息动态等栏目。3、本刊已进入美国《化学文摘》(CA)、美国《生物学文摘》(BA)、 俄罗斯《文摘杂志》(AJ)、荷兰《医学文摘》(EM)、波兰《哥白尼索引》(IC)、美国剑桥科学文摘(CSA)、美国《乌利希期刊指南》(Ulrich’s)、美国汤姆森.路透数据库(WOS)、英国《国际农业与生物科学研究中心》(CABI)、中国科技论文统计源期刊(中国科技核心期刊)、《中国科学引文数据库》(CSCD,扩展库)、《中国学术期刊文摘》、中国期刊全文数据库(CJFD)全文收录期刊、中国学术期刊综合评价数据库(CAJCED)统计源期刊、《中国核心期刊(遴选)数据库》、《中文科技期刊数据库(全文版)》、中国CEPS—中文电子期刊(台湾)等国内外刊物重要检索系统,并自1999年起被美国国立图书馆收藏。4、近年,本刊先后荣获“卫生部首届医药卫生优秀期刊三等奖”、“中华预防医学会系列杂志优秀期刊二等奖”、“中华预防医学会系列杂志先进编辑部”;于2005年,获得中国科协学会的“重点技术期刊经费资助(2万元设备款);2006年5月第19卷第3期发表的论文《中国狂犬病毒疫苗株CTN212V三个代次的GP基因序列分析》,荣获“第五届中国科...
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    上海博华国际展览有限公司以坚持不懈地促进行业信息交流和推动行业贸易为核心使命。为了全方位推动买家和供应商双方 的互动,为双方缔造无限商机,我们致力于开发最切合商业需要的产品和服务,为买家和供应商提供全面的贸易解决方案和深层次的 贸易服务,充分满足其采购和推广的需求。  制药在线(www.cphi.cn)是服务于制药行业的 垂直型B2B网络贸易平台。制药在线和CPhI China 及P-MEC China(世界制药原料中国展暨世界制药机械、包装设备与材料中国展)同为上海博华国际展览有限公司旗下平台,三者有机地组成了业内 独创的“展网融合”型专业B2B贸易平台,为业内买家和供应商提供不受时空限制、线上线下完美结合的全天候服务。  我们帮助全球供应商针对网站和展会共同累积起来的优质专业买家社群展开365天不间断的高效推广, 轻松掌握全球商机;海内外专业买家则可依托网站提供的高端平台随时随地与经核实的诚信供应商(大部分也是CPhI China和P-MEC China的展商)接触与沟通,快 速锁定最合适的供应商,全面提升采购效率。  凭借对行业的深入了解和丰富的合作伙伴资源,我们还将为买家和供应商提供最快、最新的行业资讯 和最深入的行业报道,引领双方实时掌握市场动态和行业趋势,在激烈的竞争中运筹帷幄,决胜千里。  在今后的发展中,我们将坚持不懈地履行核心使命,秉持“一英寸宽,一英里深”的发展原则,凭借 对制药行业贸易社群及其供求需求的深入了解,打造一流的行业垂直型B2B网络贸易平台,为买家和供应商提供一个 功能强大、内容丰富、社群专业的互动平台。  我们的定位  对于想通过互联网寻找商机的供应商和买家,制药在线为其提供 功能强大、内容丰富、社群专业的B2B网络贸易平台,帮助全球供应商针对优质专业买家展开365天不间断的高效推广,轻松掌握全球 商机;帮助海内外专业买家随时随地快速锁定经...
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    “药物临床试验网”成立于2003年6月,历经数次的改版及系统完善,随着这8年的发展,目前已成为行业内极具影响力的网络社区,网站聚集了大批深爱此行业的网友,目前注册人数已达到60000多人,而且每天仍以数十人的速度在增加。访问本站的人群99%都是与临床研究和注册相关的人员,会员朋友可以在其中找到自己需要的资源,得到问题的解答,提高自己的业务水平,也可以结交业内的朋友,扩大社交圈,其中很多版主和热心活跃的会员得到业内的一致认可,扩大了自己的知名度。    目前已有依格斯、精诚泰和,迪美斯,中大医药发展中心,杰成CRO等多家企业通过网站提升了公司的品牌知名度,招聘到了所需的专业人才。    本着服务于临床研究行业的,提高中国临床试验水平的目的,目前药物临床试验网开展的业务包括:    1、临床试验的门户网站:包括专业知识,业内资讯,政策法规,专家支持,业内会议等,只要您是从事这个行业的人士,就可以在这里找到您所需要的。    2、临床试验论坛:注册会员多达60000多人,且每天数十人的速度增长。论坛网络了大批从事本行业的专业人士,成为从事临床试验行业人士的必备平台。    3、项目管理:网站利用其优势资源,联合国内众多CRO公司,对项目进行统一管理,以最大可能性保证临床研究操作一致性和质量。    4、临床研究相关人才服务:国内第一家临床试验相关领域的人才服务系统,提供招聘求职信息和列头服务,方便大家寻找千里马和伯乐。目前已经有多家企业通过本平台找到了其所需要的专业人才。    5、临床研究领域相关培训:...
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    灵麦医药通过情报数据库, 帮助制药和医疗设备企业提高生产力,做出更好的决策。 灵麦目前是全球两家权威的数据公司在中国的独家代理 (EvaluatePharma,博谷)以及GBI Source本土客户推广的合作伙伴。 信息覆盖36,000余家制药,生物,研发和器械公司,及四万多创新产品的转让机会。以及全球已上市和在研产品历史销量和预估销量的信息帮助您更好的了解全球医药行业市场历史、现状和未来趋势。灵麦医药也帮助海外创新产品进入中国,支持中国BD专业人士的产品引进工作。
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    公司旗下运营着广告买卖网(www.admaimai.com)和广告易(www.51ade.com)两个网站项目,同时也是中国广告业大会、中国户外广告业大会的主办方。是国家级高新技术企业,北京专精特新企业,国家工商总局扶持广告业发展项目库入库项目,财政部中央文化产业专项扶持资金重点扶持项目,世界华文广告协会战略合作伙伴,中国广告协会会员单位,中国广告主协会会员单位,活动中国电子商务协会等权威部门颁发多项大奖。公司及其旗下项目,是广告产业互联网+的坚定实践探索者。促进广告产业升级,促进广告行业发展,促进广告资源有序流动,推动中国品牌建设。欢迎你加入我们,成为推动广告行业发展的强力一份子。广告买卖网是专业广告资源在线交易市场,最具影响力媒体价值营销平台,广告行业权威门户网站,日访问量200万以上,月度不重复访客2000万,百度权重6,百度协议新闻源。站长站和艾瑞评选广告行业网站第一名,有300多各二级频道,4000多个三级频道,1000多万个独立页面。流量,会员等数据是同类网站加起来的总和还要大一倍以上。广告易致力于打造广告资源闭环交易平台。投广告更容易,更便宜,让广告与互联网结合,是发展宗旨和愿景。从临过期空置资源交易平台切入,程序化闭环交易,财务实时自动结算。并通过建立的366个落地服务商,实现线上线下结合的,集约化采购的广告资源采购大渠道,构建和谐共赢的广告产业生态圈。2014年广告买卖网荣获品牌中国“最佳商业模式创新奖”;获得中国电子商务协会“最具投资价值奖”、“最具影响力新媒体门户”、“最具发展潜力行业门户”等多项大奖;获中国卓越品牌风云榜即亚洲品牌论坛颁发的“中国品牌传播最具影响力媒体”;广告买卖网创始人、董事长兼CEO荣获中国卓越品牌风云榜 “中国品牌传播卓越成就奖”;获得12月召开的2014品牌中国广告行业年度人物价值创新奖;11月广告买卖网荣获中国卓越品牌风云榜...
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 09
    财新国际(Caixin Global)为财新旗下公司,与财新传媒深度资源共享,旨在为国际高端商业机构及国内有志于“走出去”的企业提供数据支持、分析评论,智库研究等。目前主要业务包括财新英文特刊、在线英语资讯、财新国际智库和财新国际会议,为中国企业“走出去”及海外企业了解中国提供必选传播合作平台。2016年12月财新国际全新平台在达沃斯进行了首场海外启幕发布会。
    • 2017亚太生物医药

      Day One AM 9:00-12:15


      Analyze Bio Partnering Environment



      Day One PM 13:30-17:15


      Step into Global Cutting-edge Bio Partnering




      Day Two AM 9:00-12:15


      Accelerate Cross-border Partnering by Capital and Technology


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